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6 Best Math Solver App for Android in 2021

Best Math Solver App for Android in 2021.

Are you looking for a Math solver App for android?

If yes, here are the best math solver app for android 2021:

  • MalMath
  • Photomath
  • GeoGebra Classic
  • Mathway
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Scientific Calculator

It is true that most students would readily jump on their feet in excitement if maths is to be removed as a subject.

This is because they consider it to be difficult but at the same time, to some students it is easy. Whatever the case may be, we have listed the best Math solver apps for Android that will surely help you solve that maths problem without struggling.

Having the right math solver apps installed on your Android phone, solving maths can be easy, understandable, and encouraging.

If you are the type that detests maths, these great apps are designed to conquer your fear and then eventually develop a love for maths.

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These Math Solver Apps can solve questions ranging from:

  • Graphing
  • Complications of calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra
  • The complexities within Pythagoras will be in the past.

After we have listed the solver apps, we will also take out time to answer most of the questions related to these apps, questions like:

  • What is a math solver?
  • How do you use the math solver app?
  • Which country has the toughest maths?
  • Which country is best at mathematics?

Before we proceed to carefully explain how to use the above-listed math solver apps, let’s answer these questions accordingly.

What is a math solver?

It is an app that solves math problems, an app that solves math word problems, an app to calculate math problems, a math problem help app, and a math app that solves any problem.

This app is software by developers to take whatever math problem you have and find the answer for you.

How do you use the math solver app?

  • Go to the google play store and search for the app.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Now it’s ready to solve your math problems.
  • Go to the empty space and enter your problem
  • Your solution is ready

Which country has the toughest maths?

China and South Korea top the list of countries with the toughest maths.

Which country is best at mathematics?

Singapore is ranked as the No. 1 by the international benchmarking study.

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6 Best Math Solver App for Android in 2021

In this section, we are going to explain how to use these math apps and what each of them can do.


MalMath is the perfect math solver app you need for thorough instructions for that math problem.

This means that the answer it gives to a particular math problem is in well-explained steps and simple insight as well for effective understanding. For instance, it makes a graphical analysis of equations.

It tackles math problems like Equations, Algebra Integrals, Derivatives, Limits, Trigonometry, Logarithms.

You can achieve a lot in math with this app. The best good news is that it is a free app that does not need an Internet connection.

You as a student can still learn and use it for other math purposes even offline.


Photomath readily solves that maths problem by just the smartphone’s camera pointed at the math problem, that’s, it takes the picture of the problem.

With the different equations saved, it will analyze the information, solve the problem and give you a detailed step-by-step answer and explanation for easy understanding.

Photomath at its best deals and explain tricky math sets. It’s a free app that doesn’t require an Internet connection while using the basic core service. It fantastically works offline.

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GeoGebra Classic

Installing this app on your smartphone gives you the liberty to do a whole lot in maths but Graphs are a key focus of this app.

In simple terms, this app solves graph equations you don’t understand like plotting out coordinates and practically analyzing points on the Cartesian plane.

It also tackles other topics such as geometry, spreadsheets, 3D, digital/ computer algebra, and probability in a simple, student-friendly way.


If you are having a hard time with algebra equations, this app is for you. All you need to do is to snap the equation problem with your smartphone camera or type it, and it will solve it.

You can use this for quick calculation as it doesn’t give you freely the step-by-step details for the calculation unless you pay for it.

It is still one of the best math solver apps for Android.

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Graphing Calculator

This math-solving app is embedded with advanced scientific calculator symbols.

This feature makes it possible to solve any difficult calculation ranging from algebra, probability, statistics, and calculus using the app.

It is very easy to use and this goes for the 2 types, one that comes with ADS and the pro version without ADS.

Scientific Calculator

This app is the best alternative for solving math equations using your Android. The app is entirely free.

Benefits of a Scientific calculator app?

  • It helps to tackle graph equations such as graph inequalities, complex variables, implicit equations, numerical integration, and lots more.
  • It solves trigonometry and logarithms and
  • It gives you an equation history so you can view what you solved to reach your results.
  • It further highlights brackets, equation syntax and has separate modes for scientific and engineering calculations.

You can solve any hard calculation using this app on your phone without stressing your brain.

Finally, with the above well-selected apps, get ready to fall in love with math.


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6 Best Math Solver App for Android in 2021.



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