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5 Best Social Media Apps for Students Without Restrictions To Operating System

The fast pace of students use of social media requires showing them the best social media apps for their school and personal life activities. These best apps fit into smartphones, laptops, tablets,s, etc allowing you to switch at any point in time.

Every student deserves the best Social Media apps to stay connected and informed in this digital age.

This means that list of social media apps used by students may be many but some are best in attending to their learning needs and staying connected.

It’s important to know what students use social media apps to do.

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Basically, they utilize the opportunity of engaging virtually with the bigger world around them. This runs down to:

  • Communicate and connect with family members
  • To access content from articles and PDFs for their assignment.
  • Access videos from events they may not be able to attend in person like conferences and seminars.
  • Communicate and connect with colleagues so as to follow up with school activities.
  • Access and follow up information on popular culture like fashion, sport, bands, etc.
  • Catch-up with friends
  • Posting of videos and information as well as sharing of files and documents.

The list goes on.

Once as a student you have access to a suitable electronic device be it a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or whatever and an email address or phone number, these apps to be recommended below are available at your fingertips. They are simply the best.

5 Best Social Media apps for students

Here are the five best social media apps for students:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp


This app can also be referred to as a relationship app. It basically opens a platform that allows people to connect and build a relationship. As a student, once this app is installed in your phone, the door to share information, photos, videos, and more is open.

The platform focuses on sharing knowledge and connecting with people and as a student, knowledge is important to succeed, as well as people you know. The world today operates on a ” what you know” and “who you know” basis and with this app, you can never be found wanting.


Many students are visual learners. This media sharing app is a great place for your learning needs which ranges from following up fashion, sport, and other popular culture. This is because you can get creative and inspiring images and videos.

You can as well share visual content and engage your friends. With this app, no knowledge is a waste.


Having this app launches you as a student to an excellent platform for sharing creative ideas in photo format.

It’s essential to keep in mind that you’re on a creative platform, but it challenges you to ensure your posts fit the creative theme.

This is a good way to learn outside the classroom.

You can readily feed your curiosity with the information on Pinterest as other people post.

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All work and no play they say makes you as a student a dull person. At some point in time, you need to ease up stress and YouTube is one app if handy can help you actualize that.

People actively search for videos using this app and watch them on its platform.
This you can also do as a student at some point.

On the decision of doing something outside what is taught in the classroom, you can create videos and share them anywhere as well as engaging people through videos, YouTube is an excellent app for it.

Again you can click on the education category within YouTube and find several subcategories such as university, science, business,etc and learn.

It’s a unique opportunity for you to build yourself even as a student.


This is the number 1 messaging app in the world, your straight-up messaging and calling app. It offers end-to-end encryption to users.

This app is a one-time aid for students to easily drop messages to their families and friends especially without much charge.

Just with your cellular data on, you can readily engage in discussion with the whole class or your schoolmates.

This means that the app provides a platform for students to connect and information readily passed on without restrictions.

For students whose main goal is to share research papers, and have group study, draws a crowd of over five million visitors. It’s a great app for them for sharing and posting needed data and information on various subjects and interests.

There are several social media apps available to students, but you must understand that in all your options, choose the best one.

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