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5 Best Tablets For Use By Teachers In Class And For Online Learning

5 Best Tablets For Use By Teachers In Class And For Online Learning.

Having the best tablets as a teacher can help to make teaching interactive and learning more engaging. You can use it in class as well as during online learning. It also saves you from being that boring teacher. It is one of the values added to the emergence of new technologies in education.

Using a tablet means being more practical while teaching because it offers you as a teacher a video-based online classroom to display information in hand while presenting to a class.

Their unique features include the fact being affordable, lighter, portable, easier to use, work with lots of peripherals such as a stylus pen, offering a great screen, and built-in cameras.

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Notwithstanding, as a teacher, don’t choose a tablet because of your love for the color, design, or camera pixels. This is because these features won’t count when you are standing in front of your classroom or engaging in online lessons.

Tips For Choosing The Right Tablets For Teachers

There are some important tips for choosing the right tablets to achieve desired goals:

  • Portability (size and weight)
  • Battery Life
  • Storage
  • Connectivity
  • Pen and Keyboard Support
  • Quality of cameras/ Audio support system
  • Available apps
  • Operating System

Portability (size and weight)

This is important for mobility

Battery Life

With long-lasting battery capacity, you can keep your teacher’s tablet going on for 2-3 days. Go for a tablet that can keep up with your entire school day and beyond, and one with at least eight hours of charge.


The internal storage of the tablet matters a lot and so your choice of a particular tablet will have to keep more files for your intensive teachings. Such as applications, presentations, and many others. More rooms for these files, more teaching areas to expand, and cover. In addition to the amount of GB, look into cloud options to expand your space.


WiFi or cellular data, for network connection, it has to pass that, and then capable of connecting with devices around the classrooms easily. The connectivity of the software is quite important for seamless integration across devices.

Pen and Keyboard Support

Although you can use your hand to type on the screen of your tablet, it’ll add some spice to the way of writing, drawing and might increase your activities if you use a tablet that enjoys jotting down.

Quality of cameras/ Audio support system

Good front and rear cameras should be looked out for to achieve desired communication.

Available apps

Are you looking to get lots of free apps or better quality offerings? This should be considered.

Operating System

Apps only work with Android or IOS. You’ll need a tablet running one of these two operating systems. Importantly, the operating system often needs to match the school setup.

It may seem it’s a lot to keep in mind and the market offers an abundance of models for teachers, right? worry not, we’ve got your back!.

5 Best Tablets For Teachers 2021

Below are the very best tablets for teachers with the operating systems to match their school setup and hence, meet their different needs right now:

  1. Apple iPad Pro
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with PC Style
  3. Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  4. Apple iPad (10.2-Inch)
  5. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9- inch is the best tablet for you as a teacher with the zeal to impact your students practically. The amazing performance of this model helps you initiate and complete creative tasks with ease and speed.

How possible is this?

  • Firstly, It serves as the best tablet which assists you while teaching lessons. Because, You will have enough space for your downloaded apps, PDFs, video lessons, presentations, etc.
  • You can readily connect with devices in the classroom so that the students will flow.
  • It gives you the best sound you can never imagine in the classroom while teaching because of its four speakers and five studio-quality microphones which produce clear.
  • Creating projects and grading your students is your duty as a teacher and this tablet helps you achieve that easily.
  • It’s also the best option for electronics records in the classroom because it comes with an Apple pencil and magic keyboard.
  • Its operating system readily matches the school set up while you can also be at liberty to switch from WiFi to cellular as may be needed.
  • Your fear of battery life is taken care of as it can take you the whole day with its 10- hours long battery life.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with PC Style

With this tablet, you just have to run your class smoothly in this digital age. This is best for video teaching. It is a PC Style tablet with a Stylus Pen which allows you to work naturally as writing or drawing on a board or paper. It is Ideal for marking digital work, making notes, and drawing.

Furthermore, this tablet is most recommended for a teacher who is gradually adapting from a laptop PC to a tablet.

Why do we say so?

  • firstly, for a teacher on a tight budget, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 makes it to be the best tablet for you.
  • Android users will surely love it as it is portable, the desktop-style interface that allows you to be connected to a compatible Windows PC, Mac, or mobile and use it for simple transfer of files and shifting between applications.
  • It provides you plenty of space also in the cloud for saving your content so as to cover a whole lot.
  • Its battery life (14-hours long) is a good support system for your teaching job.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Obviously, this tablet runs on Windows, thereby giving that full-fledged laptop vibe while working on it. This is one of the best tablets for teachers because of its flexibility to switch from laptop to tablet and back again. It’s a good device when it comes to keeping up with the speed of the classroom.

What does this mean?

  • It comes with a pen, which will make it easy for teachers to record and write notes directly on the tablet.
  • For teachers, The lightweight modular design grants it to be used as a tablet and laptop.
  • Its storage space is exactly what you need as a teacher for storing documents (128 GB).
  • 10 Hours Battery Life and the ability to charge quickly in around 1 hour from 0 to 80 is a good advantage for your teaching job.
  • Then for power-point presentations in the classroom or online lectures, the i3 processor would efficiently do the job.

Apple iPad (10.2-Inch)

This is the best tablet for teachers who loves to multitask at some point in time. This ranges from hosting online lectures, working on multiple apps side-by-side without having to switch between them, etc. With this tablet, multitasking is seamless.

Additionally, the Apple Pencil is a great advantage to the iPad for the teacher. This is because It makes it easy for you to write notes, record grades, and solve maths directly on the iPad.

It takes care of the issue of writing with your finger on the tablet. Using its Apple Keyboard as well gives you that laptop-like orientation for typing.

This tablet works with the wifi available at your school and home, as it allows only a wifi network for it to connect.

The good news is the provision of a Wi-Fi+LTE variant for you as a teacher who needs to stay connected to the Internet even when Wi-Fi is not available.

It’s 10- hour long battery life is simply the best.

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Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

With consideration in creating daily lesson plans or activities for students. This tablet allows for improved and seamless interaction with the tablet screen because of its display driver technology ( TDDI). Its RAM will allow teachers to do multiple tasks.

For the fact that long hours are required behind the screen, Built-in eye protection technology ensures that your eyes won’t suffer any strain.

Quick and powerful performance in the classroom and online lectures are guaranteed because of its 2.3 GHz Octa-Core processor with another 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage for documents and apps.

For more sensitive and inspired teachings, these tablets grant the installation of good teaching applications following their operating system Android, and Apple iOS.

5 Best Tablets For Use By Teachers In Class And For Online Learning.



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