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Uniuyo ePortal: How To Make Payment on UNIUYO ePortal

Do you want to know how to pay UNIUYO school and acceptance fees on Uniuyo eportal?

You’ll be surprised at how simple it is.

The University ePortal system has made it very simple for everyone to make payments without using a bank.

Before the emergence of this platform, all payments were made via bank. Different banks were assigned for different faculties. The advantage of the ePortal platform is enormous. So, the stress of standing in a cue is avoided and issues of late payments are reduced.

We can assure you that with your smartphone or PC connected to wi-fi, you can comfortably pay your school fees from any location. But if you are not perfect with making online transactions, find a cafe.

The institutions’ ePortal management has made it very easy for all students to process their school and acceptance fees online payments. Therefore, to avoid being scammed, visit the school portal,, and make your payment.

The state-federal university online platform is one of the reasons UNIUYO runs a steady and successful academic calendar.

To pay UNIUYO School fees on Uniuyo ePortal:

  • Go to login page
  • Put your reg number, for example, 19/ED/ET/791
  • Enter your access code
  • Tap login and you’ll be taken to your portal page
  • Click on pay fees to see the amount
  • Go to on make payment to generate RRR
  • If you want to pay online, click on pay online
  • You’ll be directed to the page
  • Click on submit to choose the payment method

Note: The UNIUYO ePortals management is not only made for payment of fees. The management is saddled with the responsibility of managing students’ information.

The ePortals platform enables students to access their information such as:

  • Bio data
  • Course forms
  • Class admit cards
  • GST cards
  • Results with GPA and CGPA
  • Clearance form
  • School fees receipt, both old and new
  • Print admission status for regular student
  • Admission letter for part-time students

The platform is available for both fresh and returning students, however, alumni can also access their information through the same site.

Before we show you how to use the portals site to pay your fees, let’s briefly take the following:

UNIUYO ePortal Head Office

The UNIUYO ePortals’ office is located at the University of Uyo town campus, just a few meters from the first gate.

They open by 8:am and closes by 4:pm. You are free to walk in and lay complaints regarding any issue about your information.

The University Portal attends to all cases free of charge. Therefore, if you have any complain to make, you have no bills to worry about.

How To Recover Your ePortal Password

Have you forgotten your portal password? If yes, you can recover it through the portal by answering few questions.

To recover your portal password, you’ll be asked to provide the following:

  • Registration number
  • The email linked to your portal
  • Phone number linked to your portal and
  • The new password you wish to use

After providing the above information, your new password is approved. You can now log in to your portal.

Things To Pay Through

Here are all the payments you can make through the UNIUYO ePortal platform portal login:

  1. School fee payment
  2. Acceptance fee payment for freshers 2021
  3. Hostel fee payments
  4. Payment for collection of certificate
  5. Suspension of studies payment
  6. Resumption of studies
  7. Less credit unit
  8. More credit unit
  9. Convocation gown for both undergraduate and postgraduate.
  10. Matriculation gown for both graduate and postgraduate
  11. Payment for condonation of gap
  12. Transcript and transcript verification
  13. Personal academic transcript
  14. Student field trip
  15. Ph.D oral defence and Ph.D extension fees
  16. Masters oral defence and masters external defence
  17. Late submission of thesis
  18. JUBEB certificate
  19. Intra-university fee transfer and inter-university
  20. ID card renewal and replacement
  21. GST Fees for SBS
  22. Fine for late registration
  23. Fee clearance card for undergraduate and postgraduate
  24. Change of course (freshmen)
  25. Certificate verification
  26. The Certificate of receipt for graduate and postgraduate

For payment of departmental dues, University of Uyo faculty dues, and alumni dues, visit

How To Use UNIUYO ePortal For Payment

In this post, you’ll learn:

For how to make other payments, Bookmark this page for our subsequent post. Thanks

How To Pay UNIUYO School and acceptance Fees Online

Step 1

Login with your registration number and password

Step 2

At the left corner, click on pay school fees as shown in the image beside.

Step 3

Click on full payment if you want to make full payment

how to pay UNIUYO school and acceptance fees online

Step 4

Click on pay to generate RRR. See the image below

how to pay UNIUYO school on Uniuyo ePortal
How to pay Uniuyo school fees online

Step 5

If you want to pay with your ATM card, click on pay online to enter your card details and pay your fees.

If you want to pay through your internet banking, Copy the RRR and login to your internet banking account.

In your internet banking dashboard, goto make payment>remita payment>paste the RRR>complete payment

RRR payment

Step 6

Before you can see the receipt in your portal, click on home>Fees history/authentication>paste the RRR>click on authenticate>return to home page.

Step 7

To print your receipt, click Fees history/authentication to download and print your receipt.

How to Pay UNIUYO acceptance fees on Uniuyo ePortal

Acceptance fee is a non-refundable fee paid to the school management by freshers of any programme.

2021 postgraduate freshers are asked to pay their acceptance fee at the school microfinance bank. Both the part-time and regular 2021 undergraduate freshers are asked to pay their acceptance through the school portal. To pay your acceptance fee through the school site:

  • Goto
  • At the left corner, click on the pay registration fee
  • Click pay online if you want to pay with your ATM card
  • Copy the RRR to pay with your internet banking
  • Return o the login page to print your receipt
  • Click Print e-Reciept/Invoice and enter the RRR
  • Enter the RRR and click load printout

How to Pay for Hostel

Before you are selected to pay the hostel fee, you have to submit the hostel application form on time.

The application form is available in your portal.

For the freshers, after making your school fee payment, visit the student affairs division and pick a copy of the Hostel form.

If you want to pay the hostel fee, follow the following guide:

  • log in to your portal
  • Click on Hostel App
  • Go to on make payment
  • To pay with your ATM card, click on pay online
  • Through your internet banking, copy the RRR
  • Make payment and return to the login page to print your receipt.

How to Pay for Suspension of Studies

Actually, suspension of studies is to help some students who fall sick and cannot attend lectures for the semester. However, students with financial constraints also take advantage of this privilege. If for any reason, you want to suspend your studies, you can follow this guide to apply:

  • Go to the login page
  • At the left corner, click on ebusary collect TM
  • chose student-related
  • Select Suspension of studies from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your Reg number
  • Confirm your details
  • Make payment

How to Pay for your matriculation gown

The Matriculation gown is compulsory for all students. If you don’t want to partake in the ceremony, you are free, but it’s compulsory that you pay for the matriculation gown. A receipt that is issued after payment will be needed during your final year screening.

To pay for the matriculation gown, you have to pay online through the UNIUYO ePortals site, Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the login page
  • At the left corner, click on ebusary collect TM
  • chose student-related
  • Select matriculation gown from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your Reg number
  • Confirm your details
  • Make payment

We hope this post is useful to you. If you have any questions regarding this post or related, use the comment box.

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