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Things To Post On Facebook | 6 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook – Know your Limits

Things To Post On Facebook | 6 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook – Know your Limits.

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It is for you to decide what to post and what meaning it has for you.

Since Facebook was launched in 2004, on daily basis, people can connect and post anything ranging from messages, photos, videos and articles on Facebook.

You can post whatever you like, however, it must not violate Facebook’s community policy

These posts will appear on your friends’ newsfeed, therefore, it is necessary to know your limit on the things you post.

FB’s privacy settings are secure, so, the information you post is being seen only by your friends and family members.

Do you ask questions like, is it dangerous to post on Facebook?

These two answers should feed your curiosity.

  • Firstly, there are things you don’t put on Facebook.
  • Secondly, what makes it dangerous is what and how you post which should never be.

The bottom line is – know your limits!

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What Happens when you post things you should not post on Facebook.

● Your account could get hacked.
● You could Isolate your friends.
● Your life and family could be in danger.
● Your personal life can be messed up.
● You can lose your job

Most things these days have gone digital and bad-minded people have also gone digital. You could become an informant of your own attack.

Here are things you should never post on Facebook.

  • Your Home Address
  • Photos and Stuff Of Your Baby or children.
  • Hints About Your Password and Links to Financial Accounts.
  • Your Full Date Of Birth
  • Complaints About Work
  • Your Travel Plans

Your Home Address

Mere putting your home address on Facebook, you are telling strangers where you live and that could be dangerous. So many are guilty of this fact but it is very wrong. Keep it private

Photos and Stuff Of Your Baby or children.

Remember, firstly, it is not everyone that is happy that you have a baby or children.

Secondly, people can get annoyed if you flood your timeline or theirs with photos of your baby and children including their achievements. That can generate jealousy that can be harmful.

Thirdly, once you post something on Facebook, basically it stays online forever in some regard.

With respect to this, embarrassing photos of your child or children you posted on Facebook, could end up hurting them later in life.

You can still post but must know your limits and be conscious of your surroundings.
Don’t be the one to give unfriendly friends information about your baby or even children.

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Hints About Your Password and Links to Financial Accounts.

You must keep password hints off of Facebook at all times. This is because hackers can readily access it and get answers concerning your private life like businesses, job, or any important update the password can give the information.

The same goes for all types of financial data — Bank Verification Number (BVN)bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and even your current balance.

These must not cross Facebook even if you are too excited to do so. This is to protect your money from hackers.

Your Full Date Of Birth

The consequence of giving this information out on Facebook is – Identity theft.

With this, hackers are very close to your private account as it needs a few pieces of personal information to access which full date of birth is one of those details.

Complaints About Work

If you need to post about your work, it should be something that will benefit your place of work like bringing more customers.

Never complain about your work on Facebook because it simply means that you are fed up with the work and once your boss comes across it, he won’t hesitate to sack you.

This is because you are only giving him the impression that you are not happy to continue with the organization.

Additionally, your friends and colleagues might get annoyed if all they see are complaints. This might prompt them to block you.

Your Travel Plans

You may be too excited and may be tempted to reveal your travel plans like a vacation on Facebook, but never try it.

Once you do that, you are clearly informing enemies to come and feast on you. The consequence might be murder or theft.

Burglars who would love to know when you will be out to break into your home while you are away getting first-hand information.

Try to avoid it by keeping things meant to be private, private. Again, your friends might have the impression that you are showing off and bragging.

This article is a handy guide on what to avoid posting on Facebook at all times. Again, know your limits when it comes to Facebook.


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Things To Post On Facebook | 6 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook – Know your Limits.



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