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10 Amazing Advances in Gaming Technology

10 Amazing Advances in Gaming Technology.

Video games have come a long way because they first became mainstream in the 1980s. But, the advantage of technological advancements had made the future of the game even more promising.

Here are 10 amazing advances in gaming technology

There are so many developments in the gaming technologu. But, in this article, we are going to focus on these 11 amazing game tech:

  1. Facial recognition
  2. Voice recognition
  3. Gesture control
  4. Stunning graphics
  5. High Definition Display
  6. Virtual reality
  7. Augmented reality
  8. Wearable games
  9. Mobile games
  10. Cloud-based gaming

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Facial recognition

With 3D scanning and facial recognition technology, the system can actually create your own personality in the game world (creating custom avatars that look exactly like you)

Facial recognition can creatively transfer your own expressions to other digital creations.

In addition, Intel® Using the RealSense™ 3D camera, developers, by scanning different 78 points on a person’s face, can create a game based on the players’ emotions.

For example, a slight frown on the game screen means the system will immediately reduce the difficulty of the game.

Voice recognition

No problem picking up the controller! The voice-activated game has been there for a long time, but the ability to use this technology in the game system eventually came true.

Computers can now easily recognize users’ voice commands. Not only can you use this technology to turn your console on and of.

But, you can also talk to the game system and use voice commands to control the game, interact on social networks or choose from a media library. You can also play games and search the web.

Gesture control

With Intel RealSense technology, you can play first-person shooter games and control your device with one hand.

Gesture controls using a 3D camera that tracks 22 points on the hand allow users to participate in the gaming experience using their natural body movements.

For example, the Warrior Wave game uses RealSense technology, so you can use your hands (with on-screen contours) to safely guide a group of ancient Greek soldiers.

Stunning graphics

We have come a long way from the basic 8-bit graphics in the game.

The most recent advances have allowed players to experience the game in a fully rendered world with photorealistic textures.

With superior image quality and improved gameplay, you feel like you are in the game.

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High Definition Display

With game graphics of this quality, you need an authentic way to display them. Ultra 4K gaming has come into play.

TVs with 4K capabilities (i.e. supporting at least 4,000 pixels) or 4K laptops initially sold for thousands of dollars, but prices have continued to rise.

It has come down and this format is the ultimate standard. We see the games we play. The colors and sharpness are unmatched. And you would have thought 1080p would be good.

Virtual reality

While many virtual reality gaming consoles have yet to hit the market, companies developing displays for virtual reality headsets are giving gamers a totally immersive gaming experience never seen before.

Ready to serve? You can immerse yourself in the game before returning to reality.

Augmented reality

If you don’t like virtual worlds, why not try gaming?

Augmented reality games, which are not limited to TV and computer screens, offer players a unique perspective.

They manipulate real-world space and allow game objects to be applied to real-life situations.

For example, table hockey can be played from any angle on the kitchen counter or a puzzle can be played over an obstacle in the garden.

Wearable games

Wearable games, whether smartwatches or glasses, make games wearable without being too intrusive.

Companies that started using wearable technology for fitness applications now want to add entertainment.

Wearables are not only an extension of your body but also an extension of your favorite game console that you know well.

Mobile games

With the appearance of a smartphone, the gaming play experience has moved from the arcade and the living room to the palm of your hand.

Mobile technology extends the love of digital gaming beyond the confines of console users and hardcore online gamers, as evidenced by the myriad of people who commute to work playing games on their devices.

Cloud-based gaming

Instead of creating video game systems that require more powerful hardware, developers are trying to use the cloud for downloading.

Games no longer have to be limited by the amount of memory that disks and consoles have to provide.

The cloud allows games to be played up to a significant limit of server size, where images are streamed to the screen via the internet.

Games on demand

Players can already watch and share the live stream of the game, but what about the game?

Like streaming film services, the ability to stream video games becomes increasingly realistic, and game developers can compete for the glory of their game.

Whether it’s moving from the couch to work with a 2-in-1 device or playing a game without a controller using gesture controls, Intel’s innovation is making the future of gaming a reality.

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