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Maintainability of modern smartphones (Mobile phones)

Maintainability of modern smartphones (Mobile phones).

From a brand new, just purchased smartphone, we blow off dust particles! But a week or two passes and the device learns all the delights of life.

The first falls from the bed, the neighborhood in the pocket with change and keys, water hitting the screen, etc.

The negligent attitude of the owner leads to sad consequences that can only be fixed by repairing the phone.

Let’s estimate the average cost of a “careless” attitude to new devices also focuses on the Maintainability of modern smartphones (Mobile phones).

Maintainability of modern smartphones (Mobile phones) in general terms

You can argue for a long time which is more profitable: buy a new phone or fix an old one?

Supporters of both versions will find convincing arguments. We propose to look at things from a practical point of view to disassemble popular breakdowns and find out the cost of their elimination.

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Let’s start the review!

How much does a display repair cost?

The screens of the latest smartphones are based on OLED, AMOLED, or IPS matrices.

New technologies have made it possible to achieve brightness, pleasant contrast, and correct color reproduction, but the price of these advantages is very high.

The fact is that matrices for smartphones cost a pretty penny to manufacturers. Therefore, the purchase of new components, as well as their installation in repair shops, sometimes reaches “transcendental” cost.

Of course, craftsmen from China are trying to reduce the cost of production technologies. But, frankly, it’s not working out very well.

Often budget Chinese matrices give out disgusting image quality and quickly break down. Therefore, if you are planning to do an inexpensive repair of your smartphone display, be careful!

A poor-quality part can cause other components to work incorrectly, not to mention such disadvantages as a dull image, “broken” pixels, and the likelihood of a quick repetition of damage.

So, is it worth buying a cheap matrix with such “baggage” or is it better to save up for a high-quality analog or an original? Depends on how valuable your smartphone is to you.

Are you not afraid to unexpectedly be left without communication and “get” for another repair? You can take a chance.

But it is more prudent to carry out a high-quality restoration of equipment and to prevent the occurrence of any negative consequences by 100%.

And if you’re still in doubt, here’s a quick explanation of why replacing a smartphone display can’t be cheap.

As already noted, the whole point is in the complexity of the structure of the matrices. Judge for yourself:

OLED matrices.

They consist of many organic light-emitting diodes – semiconductors, emitting light under the influence of current. Each diode includes polymer layers sandwiched between the cathode and the anode.

AMOLED displays. Advanced OLED technology.

The difference is that a special system of transistors and capacitors has been added to the AMOLED screens. With its help, the glow of each individual diode is controlled.

IPS screens.

A technology based on the polarization of light with the rotation of liquid crystals. These matrices have wide viewing angles and excellent color reproduction.

The design is multi-element: a pair of polarizers (front and rear), light filters, guides, liquid crystals, electrodes, transistors, and a backlight unit.

Engineers have worked hard to keep the response time of the IPS panels to a minimum.

The maintainability of modern smartphones (Mobile phones) is very important these days because we have a lot of data on our mobile so we need to protect our phones.

Disassembly of the phone case for diagnostics and repair

Smartphones of the latest generations are crammed with technical stuffing to the eyeballs, but at the same time, they manage to maintain a stylish and convenient design.

What do you think? That’s right, by minimizing the internal space of the case. Previously, each significant part of the device (RAM, processor, modem) had a separate microcircuit.

Any sensible master could identify the cause of the malfunction and fix the breakdown.

Now, most of the “insides” of the case are occupied by a powerful battery, and the rest of the components have to be accommodated according to the “sandwich” principle: layer by layer.

Manufacturers assemble the microcircuits so tightly that not every smartphone specialist will take up the repair of the device without objection.

It is not easy to disassemble such a “sandwich”, but you still need to find the cause of the breakdown, eliminate it and reassemble the parts in the reverse order.

The complexity of the work increases the move away from screw connections to the use of glue. Almost all modern smartphones are “glued” for repair.

Replacing the smartphone display

Replacing the smartphone display with a new one is carried out by the master in stages:

So we hope you haven’t thought that a household hair dryer will help to remove a broken screen?

Naturally, special equipment is required to work with smartphone components. It has long been unrealistic to carry out telephone repairs “at home”.

By the way, even with a professional tool, craftsmen sometimes refuse to accept devices for work.

Or they include in the cost the price of potential “misunderstandings” with the case in advance. Yes, it happens.

For example, specialists often insure themselves by investing in the price of replacing the glass lid.

The part is quite fragile, and any microcrack easily turns into a large irreversible defect. Therefore, the craftsmen include the price of a new case cover in the repair cost in advance.

And the point here is not at all in “crooked hands”: removing the glass cover is akin to a lottery – either pan or disappeared.

So it is right that people do that they are hedged. Agree, it is much more unpleasant to learn about the increase in the cost of repairs even when you come to pick up the finished item.

And if the cost of the work is announced in advance, then it is already easier to decide whether such costs are permissible or not.

It turns out that even smartphone diagnostics are never cheap.

The complexity of disassembling the case, time-consuming work, the possibility of accompanying breakdowns – you have to pay for all this.



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