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4 Best Social Media Apps For Selling Product

4 Best Social Media Apps For Selling Product.

In the hustle of selling, do not ignore the best social media apps to connect with your potential customers and make sales.

There are several types of social media available for business, but you must understand what your product needs, your target audience, and apps that are directly used for selling.

In all your options, choose the best.

Make sure you go through these best social media apps for your products which offer features like a marketplace, visuals, and easily manage your business.

Best Social Media apps for selling product

Here are the best social media apps to market your products:


The installation of the Facebook app whether in your phone, laptop, tablet, etc offers you an excellent opportunity to sell your products.
Unarguably, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks available to your business with over 2.3 billion monthly active users.

It is a good starting point for selling your product. This is because Facebook keeps incorporating changes to help businesses.

Nowadays, there are many ways through which you can sell directly on Facebook or market your brand to redirect prospects to your store. They include:

Facebook marketplace: Here, once you project your product aesthetically and consistently, you can sell easily. This is because it connects buyers and sellers easily and almost anyone on the platform can sell. This platform almost is for people who want to sell their products locally.

Facebook groups. These are groups formed by individuals with the purpose to buy and sell. They answer people’s queries, share pictures and showcase their product to potential customers. As a member, you can sell your products and even market them there.

Facebook page: Having a business page on Facebook is another excellent opportunity that makes it the best. It is a great way to promote your brand’s identity and direct your customers to your store. You can use your business page to keep the customer aware of new products and then make sales.

Here, you can share Status updates, Photos, Videos, Links to content, e.t.c.

Facebook also offers paid advertisements that enable you to attract new customers to patronize your product.

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Instagram is now the central part of social selling because of its highest audience engagement rate. It’s a great social media selling app with over one billion monthly active users. You can sell your product to the customer without actually making an effort for it.

Why do we say so?

This app launches you into the platform that allows you to give a visual insight into your business.

All you need to do is just use relevant design, pictures,s and videos to promote your products or services.
With this, you have successfully provided your audience with a great visual representation of your brand.

Its features make it exceptionally the best for selling your product on social media.

What are these features?

On Instagram, you have grouped photos to help you market your product better and generate sales.

Secondly, you have Influencer marketing to connect with more customers.
Also with hashtags, you can find consumers searching for your product brand and vice versa.

Another important aspect of Instagram is that it offers ” live videos”. Through these videos, you can show your business conducting giveaways and bringing to notice of customers any new products you might want to sell to them.

Again, as you make these videos interactive, you can easily get feedback that will enable you to know what your customers are looking for so you may serve them better.

With all these mentioned, selling your product to the target audience will be easy.


Although Twitter is most known for its feed of real-time updates, it is another great app for engaging new potential customers to sell any product mostly through its use of hashtags.
You can literally find people tweeting about how they need organic body soap or face soap depending on how they’ve used hashtags in their tweet, You can then tweet them about the quality of your product, and just like that, you’ve most likely got a new customer and still get more.


Pinterest app with over 250 million monthly active users is best for selling because it allows you to create and post all types of visual content in many different formats—images, infographics, GIFs, and videos that your potential customers would want to see. This attracts buyers to your store to buy from you.

You can sell using Pinterest by investing in buyable pins and also making use of creative visual content to help market your products to a wider audience.

So if your business falls within any of these industries — Food recipes, wedding inspiration, fashion and outfit ideas, lifestyle how-to articles, e.t.c., Pinterest is for you to sell your products as Pinterest users want to see beautiful looking content that inspires them.

You sure know how to make content appealing and engaging, these great apps will help you sell your products.

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