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How to login Eskimi with Facebook account

We want to show you how to login eskimi and if you don’t have an account already, we’ll also put you through how to sign up for an eskimi account.

Eskimi is a proprietary technology platform that allows brands and agencies to run programmatic campaigns using different advertisement formats, where friends connect with each other globally.

To further explain how to log in to Eskimi, some questions will be answered such as, What is really Eskimi? How to open an Eskimi account?, How to log in to Eskimi?, and how to connect with friends in Eskimi in other to have effective communication.

Now, let’s start to answer the question

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What is Eskimi?

Eskimi is a media company with a virtual, multiplatform social network of over 22 million users worldwide, is one of the best social media platform that you can interact with friends, relations and long and as well make friends even distance friends very.
Eskimi is a proprietary technology platform that allows brands and agencies to run programmatic campaigns using different advertisement formats to inform the public of their agender.
It is also a Full-Stack Programmatic Advertising Platform with more than 1.5B Profiled users Worldwide.
This platform has connected many friends both known and unknown friends globally and it has enhanced effective communication between them.

How to open an Eskimi account?

This is a process of registration in Eskimi to enable accessing or signing in to your Eskimi account.

This can also be seen as the process of registering a new account on the social platform through signing up in the platform.

Thus, the steps below are used to create a new Eskimi account;

1. From your browser, visit

2. While on the home page, click on “Register” which is at the upper right corner of the page. This will load the registration page for you.

3. Now, fill up the Eskimi register form. Providing all the necessary information and details required, which include;

Your nickname (This will serve as your username with which you will log in to your account),

Password (This is a string of characters used to verify the identity of a user during the authentication process in the Eskimi.

4. Select your gender, Birth details, Enter your email address, and select the state you are located in.

5. Click on “Sign Up”

This will automatically create your Eskimi account.

But remember, by clicking on “Sign Up” you have accepted the Eskimi terms and conditions.

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How to login Eskimi?

The is the process of accessing all your information in Eskimi. Before login, you might have completed the process of signing up and your login credentials are ready which is your username and password.

First, from your browser, visit, on the displayed page, two bars will display to enable you to enter your username and password.

Input the username and password and click Login.

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Note:- Make sure your username and password are correct to avoid an error message.

How to connect with friends in Eskimi?

This is the means of communicating with friends in Eskimi, adding and accepting requests of friends for effective communication, and building a good relationship with each other.

Before this step, you must have created your Eskimi account and have a login to Eskimi, this will automatically allow you to interact with friends and also send friend requests to people within and outside your geographical zone.

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Following all the above-aforementioned procedures, you can now go and enjoy your ESKIMI.

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