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How to See Who Unfriended You on Facebook 2021

How to See Who Unfriended You on Facebook 2021.

Do you want to See Who Unfriended You on Facebook in 2021?

With this guide, you will not only discover who unfriended you, you will also see why they did so.

Yes, it quite unfortunate that some people you cared about purposely unfriend you from their Facebook friend list.

Sometimes you may be in the quest of knowing which of your Facebook friends has unfriended you from his/her list but find it difficult to detect it.

If you have found out that you are no longer friends with your buddy on Facebook, which means that he has unfriended you from your friend list

In this article we have listed 2 unique ways you can see when someone unfriends you from her friends’ list.

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How to See Who Unfriend You on Facebook?

There are various ways in which you can see who unfriended you on Facebook.

The first method you can do this is by checking your friend list daily to see how many friends you get on your list, thereby knowing if its increasing or decreasing daily.

Also, if for some time, you have not seen a particular friend’s post on your Facebook Newsfeed, just search the person’s name on Facebook to know if the person has either unfriended or blocked you from their list.

It seems strenuous right? Don’t worry for there are other cool ways you can use to detect the action.

This is by simply installing the following web extension on your browser and you will be notified whenever someone unfriends you. These are;

1. Unfriend Finder

Unfriend Finder is a super cool chrome browser extension which you can easily get from the chrome store and add it to your browser.

After adding it, The Unfriend Finder icon at the top right-hand corner of your browser will always turn whenever you have been unfriended by someone and on the other hand, it will turn green someone sends you a friend request.

The unfriend Finder also has a kind of pop-up notification that will get you notified through a small window when someone unfriends you even you’re too busy to observe the status bar.

If you are already rising in love with this extension and wish to see if it actually works, then click on the Go to Application and all the details will be showed to you

This particular extension will do well to inform you when a friend on your list deactivates his or her account.

2. F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity

Fluff Busting Purity extension is a web browser extension designed to customize the Facebook website’s user interface.

It adds extra functionality, therefore, making your Facebook browsing experience smooth without seeing pop-up ads from Facebook on it or seeing contents you regard as irrelevant.

This extension has been in use since 2009.

One of the amazing features of FB purity that makes it unique and a bit better than the other is that it will allow you see to see the deleted list on Facebook’s homepage itself without opening a different page.

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Nevertheless, F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity will not instantly display the deleted friends alert.

It might take a couple of minutes to half an hour for it to display the alert which is not that good.

There are other features of F.B. Purity other from seeing unfriended notifications that you need to explore.

Other great features of this extension is that you can as well set your Facebook to block apps and game stories or the annoying People You May Know block from by using this extension.

Also, Filtering out unwanted phrases and words from your timeline can be made possible through the built-in Text Filter.

Let it not look as if I am trying to promote this extension, but seriously speaking, this extension does its job smoothly without crack.

How to See Who Unfriended You on Facebook 2021.




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