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How to use iCloud as a password manager

How to use iCloud as a password manager.

iCloud is made of many features including the password manager known as a Keychain. Keychain saves you the cost of paying for services like 1Password or LastPass. All you need to do is to turn on your password manager.

One of the most important features of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices is iCloud. And, if you have any of these devices, you already have an Apple ID, therefore, you can access the iCloud.

We all like it when we are able to access our data saved to chrome through any device by logging into our Gmail and turning on the sync. iCloud does the same thing on all Apple devices.

With iCloud, all your information on the default apps is backed up and synced throughout all your devices. Information such as calendar, photos, notes, etc.

For example, iCloud gives you access to the same photo on your iPad, Mac or iPhone.

The iCloud password manager was limited to some extent. But, with the iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension introduced recently, it is very possible to use it fully as a password manager.

In this article, we are going to show you how to use this feature. In other words, we mean everything that you need to know and understand about iCloud password manager.

But, first, what’s the iCloud keychain and how does it work?

What’s The iCloud Keychain And How Does It Work?

The iCloud keychain is that feature on an Apple device that you can use to manage or save your passwords to protect information on all your devices. iCloud keychain helps you to remember what you can’t and fills your information automatically. Information like, safari password, username, debit or credit card, and even your Wi-fi passwords on any device you have synced.

The feature we are reviewing is now available in the iCloud app with an update, so make sure you are using app version 12.5.

It is also available in the newer versions. To enjoy iCloud password manager, you need Windows 10 version 18362.145 or newer.

If this is your first time using iCloud on Windows, you will need to enter a password and pair the devices with a verification code.

The most interesting feature of the new version of iCloud is the built-in password manager.

All passwords stored in your Keychain will now also be available on your Windows computer, however, for the pair to work correctly, you will also need to install a browser extension.

There are versions for Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

For additional identity verification, Windows Hello blocking is used.

In most cases, this is a PIN code familiar to most or a fingerprint scanner, if your device supports such.

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iCloud as a password manager

From the iCloud Passwords application, you can view saved passwords and accounts, if there are many of them, you can use the built-in search.

Each individual card provides for editing the password, deleting it completely, and copying it.

You can also quickly insert keys into sites using the associated extension. To add new accounts, there is a “+” button next to the search bar.

The only thing missing in iCloud Passwords is the built-in password generator, but now this functionality is provided in the Keychain on iOS, this partially solves the problem.

Also, in the near future, we expect an option to generate one-time passwords in the iCloud Keychain.

It can make it easier to log in to sites with two-factor authentication.

What else can iCloud for Windows do?

In addition to the password manager, with the installation of iCloud, you will get synchronization of cloud storage and photos uploaded to iCloud.

The latter, among other things, can be added to shared albums available to other users. iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks are also synchronized.

The application is free to download and has no internal restrictions for users.

As you can see, Apple has managed to make a really useful tool that can be liked and, more importantly, useful to a large number of users.

Moreover, in this form, iCloud is quite capable of replacing full-fledged password managers as separate applications.

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How To See Passwords in iCloud Keychain

To see your passwords may be difficult if you have not used them before. But, in this post, we’ll show you how to find your passwords in the iCloud chain.

See Passwords in iCloud Keychain

  • Tap on the Safari Preferences from the menu bar.
  • Chose the password space to key in your device password
  • A list of stored passwords will appear
  • Click on anyone to view your password.

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